QSAN XCubeSAN Series

QSAN XCubeSAN Series

High Performance SAN System for SMB to Enterprise

The XCubeSAN series is the newest generation of Dual-Active (Active-Active) SAN systems with high performance. It's simple, secure, scalable, and affordable for enterprises. It brings enterprise-level features such as thin provisioning, SSD read and write cache, auto tiering, and snapshot to the SMBs. The XCubeSAN products are designed to be an ideal solution to the applications of mission critical data centers, high performance computing, virtualization integration, or media and entertainment environments.

The XCubeSAN series features a Dual-Active controller architecture. Both controllers concurrently provide storage services in real time. Active-Active architecture doubles the available host bandwidth and cache-hit ratio which ensures there is no wasted resource in the system. If one controller fails, the other controller can transparently seamlessly take over all storage services. In addition to storage services, management services can be transparently passed to the secondary controller.
Wide Ranging Product Portfolio
QSAN XCubeSAN series features a wide range of form factors including:
  • 4U 24-bay, LFF (Large Form Factor)
  • 3U 16-bay, LFF
  • 2U 12-bay, LFF
  • 2U 26-bay, SFF (Small Form Factor)

Ultra-high Performance

  • With its all-new hardware architecture and leveraging Intel®processor, 12Gb SAS 3.0 backplane, built-in 10GbE LAN, and the finely-tuned SANOS 4.0’s performance, the XCubeSAN series can deliver an astounding 12,000MB/s1sequential read and 8,000MB/s1sequential write in throughput and over 1.5 million2sequential IOPS.

High Availability with No Single Point-of-Failure

  • The QSAN XCubeSAN series is a proven high-availability SAN storage system. All of the critical components in the XS3200 series are hot pluggable and designed with full redundancy. Additionally, dual-active controller design and automatic failover/failback mechanism, cache mirroring through NTB (Non-Transparent Bridge) bus to achieve Active-Active HA functionality allows the XS3200 series to withstand multiple component failures and achieve 99.999% availability.

Built-in High Speed 10GbE LAN Ports

  • The base unit SAN controller comes with two onboard 10GBASE-T iSCSI port per controller. The Dual-Active controller XCubeSAN SAN system has four 10GBASE-T iSCSI ports reaching 40Gb/s bandwidth when you aggregate all ports together. This base unit SAN system comes ready to support a variety of applications including data sharing, backup, video editing, and native virtualization support for VMware, Citrix, and Hyper-V.

Multipath Storage Access

  • MPIO (Multi Path Input Output) is a fault-tolerance and performance enhancement technique which allows the use of more than one path to the volume from the same host server. MPIO is supported in both iSCSI and Fibre Channel protocols.

Advanced RAID Levels Technology

  • The most efficient and economical data protection method for enterprise and SMBs remains to be RAID technology. Using RAID has two advantages – high availability and better performance. SANOS supports complete RAID levels including RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60, N-way mirror and also RAID EE technology including RAID 5EE, 6EE, 50EE, 60EE for reducing the long rebuild risk. You can choose the appropriate RAID level to best suit the application requirements.

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