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Supermicro® MicroBlade™ – Powering the World’s Most Energy-Efficient Data Centers

Supermicro® MicroBlade™ Solutions

Support up to: 56 Intel® Xeon® processor UP or 28 DP server nodes · M.2 NVMe · SAS3 · Redundant Titanium Level digital power supplies · Redundant 10/2.5/1Gbps SDN switches

Supermicro MicroBlade is a compact and flexible all-in-one system that supports 14 hot-swappable server blades in 3U and 280 Intel Xeon processor based servers in a 9 foot (60U) rack, the highest server density in the industry*. With high-efficiency shared power and cooling for the entire enclosure, integrated network switches and a single out-ofband management Ethernet cable for all 14 blades, MicroBlade system lowers overall IT operating costs and improves data center space utilization by 56% compared to the incumbent solution. MicroBlade’s disaggregated rack scale design optimizes data center refresh cycles and delivers better overall data center performance at 45% – 65% reduced CAPEX costs.

MicroBlade Product Family Advantages

6U/3U DP/UP Server Systems*, support up to:

  • High-density, high-efficiency and cost-effective MicroBlade with integrated network switching
  • Modular, Rack Scale Design (RSD) ready hardware enabling independent update of compute modules (CPU + Memory)
  • High ambient temperature at 40 ˚Celsius operation
  • 112 nodes – Intel® Atom™ processor
  • 56 UP nodes – Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1500 v5
  • 56 UP nodes – Intel® Xeon® processor D-1500
  • 56 UP nodes -Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v5
  • 28 DP nodes – Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4
  • High-efficiency system design (as low as 10W per node)
  • Redundant Titanium Level (96%+ efficiency)
  • Redundant 10/2.5/1Gbps SDN switches
  • Redundant chassis management modules
  • Front-loading blades for easy access and servicing



  • With reduced cabling and less parts, the serviceability of MicroBlade system is significantly enhanced. Supermicro MicroBlade is shipped with industry standard IPMI 2.0 and Redfish API designed to lower management overhead in large scale data centers. To maximize the utilization of the physical space in the data center, the company uses 9 foot (60U) racks, and packs 20 x 3U MicroBlade enclosures delivering the industry’s highest server density at 280 Xeon processor based servers per rack**.
  • Supermicro Microblade solution is based on high-density, high-efficiency and costeffective all-in-one chassis that features 14 hot-swap server blades in 3U. The MicroBlade enclosure is configured with a Chassis Management Module for unified management, integrated network switches to reduce within-rack cabling by up to 99%, and redundant 2000W Titanium Level certified digital power supplies for high energy efficiency (96%+). Up to 86% improvement in cooling fan power efficiency is achieved by sharing four cooling fans and integrated power modules across all 14 MicroBlade server blades*.

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