เปิดตัว SuperMicro Server Compact รองรับ Intel Xeon Processor D Based

Supermicro® Debuts New Compact Intel® Xeon® Processor D Based Products and Complete Server/Storage Solutions at Embedded World, Nuremberg

New Range of Embedded Building Block Solutions Deliver 16/12/8 Core Performance and 6/4/2 Core Low Power Options with Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1500 Family

ใหม่ Server สำหรับงานประมวลผลด้วย Intel Xeon D Series. ที่มีคอร์ประมวลผลสูงสุด 16 cores กินไฟเพียง 65W ทั้งประหยัดไฟ และแรงแบบนี้ มีอยู่ใน SuperMicro Server เท่านั้น

“Supermicro’s expanded line of low power and performance oriented Embedded Building Blocks now enable new cold, warm and hot storage solutions as well as a complete range of converged infrastructure solutions optimized for data center, network and edge to cloud,” said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. “With the vast growth of data driven workloads across embedded applications worldwide, the demand for a strong solution provider is critical. Supermicro’s dedication to offering the latest, most advanced technologies and developing complementing low power IoT gateway and compact server, storage, networking solutions deliver the best end to end ecosystems for ease of deployment and open scalability.”

“The new Intel Xeon processor D product family brings advanced technologies and performance into a dense, low-power system-on-a-chip architecture, extending intelligence to the data center and network edge,” said Lisa Spelman, Vice President of Marketing, Data Center Group, Intel Corporation. “With Supermicro’s embedded solutions expertise and broad integration of Intel Xeon Processor D-1500 across their server and storage products, we are delivering powerful, agile, and scalable solutions to enable new embedded, IoT, and Data Center ecosystems.”

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Fully System Integration

Each configuration profile provides a differentiated price/performance focus, targeting multiple use case requirements. Each profile assumes a target number of Virtual Machines per node, utilizing an average Virtual Machine profile size. Fault tolerance is built into the solution with data replication between nodes, and clustering technology. Flash and hard disks are seamlessly integrated to achieve best balance in performance and capacity.

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